Our easy-to-use app is the core of our platform and always at your side. All of its features are available on iOS, Android as well as via a webbrowser on PC. This lets us provide the full power of Moosle whereever you are.

Our app is modular to best suit your individual business practices. Below you can find an overview over the base features, as well as a list of our available modules.

Field Management

Our software’s backbone

No wine without vineyards – that’s why everything in the moosle app revolves around your fields. In addition to basic data such as parcel information, a lot of individual information can also be stored. During your first season with Moosle, you will already notice how quickly your overview and your evaluation options for finished work, used quantities and analytical data increase with field-specific precision.

Note that most existing field data can be imported within seconds.

Digital Punchclock

Compliant and effortless time tracking


Document your work smoothly on the side

The workmode is the innovative heart of the Moosle app. With countless technical tricks, it not only helps your employees to find the right parcel, it also enables their work to be documented with minimal input. In its GPS-supported version, it automatically records the time spent in the respective fields and books the work as soon as the user confirms it. You thus can have your hands free, especially during hectic work, and will still not lose any time later to the documentation.


Your company in numbers

Do you often ask yourself what cultivating your vineyards really costs? Using the Moosle app you can analyse times, costs, speeds and many other key figures down to the individual planted areas. You also have the option of evaluating individual employees, machines, tasks or days separately in order to compare them to your usual standards or targets.

Multiple languages

Efficient communication between all coworkers

Misunderstandings happen to all of us, but they are avoidable if caused by a language barrier. In order to prevent such mishaps and to make operations run more smoothly in general, every Moosle user can currently choose from these 13 languages:

English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Czech, Romanian, Hungarian, Russian, Azerbaijani and Georgian – with more to follow.

Use cases

Take a look at how even the basic features of our app help the personnel at the Schlossgut Liebieg winery get around their vineyards with ease.

More modules ..

The list above shows just a fraction of what Moosle can do for you. Check our other modules for even more features which you can select for your company.


You can test Moosle at any time free of charge & without obligations!

Register your company and test it yourself for free! You can also sign up for a free personal introduction to our platform.

Download our app, register your company and test it yourself for free! You can also sign up for a free personal introduction to our platform.