With our boxes, we are taking planning and documentation in vineyards to a new level.

For the first time, it is possible to view tractors and other vehicles in the app without the operator having to deal with Moosle in any way!

Automatic Documentation

Tracking even operators without mobile device

Particularly in multi-generation operations, it often happens that a driver no longer wants to or can no longer work with a mobile phone. So that you still know which rows and blocks have already been worked on, the Moosle boxes automatically record every driven route from the moment the key is turned. The daily routine of these drivers remains unchanged.

Easy Installation

Ready to set off in minutes

Thanks to various cable versions, our Aurora Box can be connected via the cigarette lighter or simply connected to the battery in no time at all. The Cabernet Box can even be easily plugged into the car’s diagnostic plug and is ready to go in a matter of seconds.

If a hidden installation is required by a workshop, we naturally supply a suitable installation wiring harness with instructions.

Fleet Management & Live-Telemetry

All fleet movements and driving styles at a glance

Where is the bus with the seasonal workers? Are the tractors still on the road in this weather? With the Moosle boxes, the answers to these questions are just a click in the app away. Depending on the box variant, live values such as pto status, engine load, tank capacity or any error codes can provide further insights into the operating machines.

Intelligent Operating Hours

Precise hourly evaluation by operating mode

For a good cost overview, you need an exact overview of how many hours the various machines have been running. But what proportion of the meter hours did the machine really run under load? How are the implements being used? The Moosle boxes help you to find out how high the load on the machines and implements really is.

Crash Detection

Rapid response in an emergency

Especially in adverse conditions or on steep slopes, any outdoor operation still harbours the potential for accidents. Although the Moosle boxes cannot prevent accidents, thanks to their in-built crash detection system, they automatically notify those responsible and ensure that help is on site as quickly as possible.

Theft Detection

A firm grip on valuable company property

The theft of machinery and equipment is an ever-increasing problem, especially in difficult economic times, and one for which a sustainable company must be prepared. The Moosle boxes can help to locate stolen machines. The versions with CAN data support even detect the theft of fuel.

Implement Detection

Always keep an eye on which implements are being moved

When the Moosle beacons are used, not only is the machine detected, but everything hooked up to it is logged at the same time. The battery-powered beacons, which are attached to the individual implements, send signals and are automatically recognised and stored by the box or our app. This means that there is even an exact work history for each implement and the system can draw conclusions as to what work has just been carried out.

Driver Detection

Know who is driving at all times

In addition to the implements, the beacons are also able to automatically assign the driver. All the driver has to do is have the beacon in their pocket or on their key ring and move the tractor as usual. In the Moosle app, the position lines are then automatically assigned to both the driver and the machine.