Plan your work and track the progress of your workers with the Tasks module.

Simple Assignments

Create work orders in seconds

With the Moosle app you can easily define the areas on which work has to be done. Select areas according to management units, fields or special properties such as the grape variety. You can of course also easily make or edit your selection in a map. We even support the option of sending employees to only parts of your fields.

Do you have to create a similar task over and over again?
You can create task templates and use them again and again without further ado.

Realtime updates

Work orders synchronized for everyone

All task data is updated in real time with each assigned user. This means that you can still add or remove fields from the task during a working day without having to call your workers. Everyone will be automatically notified of the change by their app.

If things don't go as planned, you can simply postpone the tasks using drag & drop and assign your workers to more urgent jobs.


Always an eye on the schedule

Within a task, all employees have a real-time overview of the started and completed areas. For example, two drivers can coordinate and see where work has already been carried out without being in constant contact. They can, for example, help them by sharing their location history or the comment function.

In addition, the person responsible can monitor the progress of each task over time using the progress bar.

If, during an inspection of your vineyards, you notice that an area marked as completed still needs more work, you can reapply it for processing with a single click without having to create a new task.


Minimal effort for recurring tasks

If you create some tasks regularly, you can save them as templates in the Moosle app and create them again and again from there. Alternatively, our app enables you to create automatically recurring tasks (which you can of course still manually edit at any time).

You can therefore create a template for plant protection, for example, and only have to change the combination of spraying agents on the day in question, if at all.


Communicate task details quickly and easily

Each task has its own chat, through which comments can be exchanged in real time. Any question about the task can be clarified here and any additional information can be entered.
For example, if a coworker hasn't finished a field in the evening, they can use a GPS location to mark where to continue the next working day.

What our customers say

More Features

In addition to the listed features, you can individually expand the range of functions of your app with the following modules. This way you only pay for what you really want to use.

Basic Features

The following functions are already available in the basic version of the Moosle app.


Keep track of every damage, illness or other problem in your fields, with the easy-to-use realtime alert module. Even if you weren't there.


Document your inventory of spraying agents, fertilizer and all other consumables, using our detailed transaction system.


Manage availability, defects, maintenance schedules and all associated machine information at one place with the Moosle Machines module.

... and much more!

Because the Moosle app is being expanded to include new features all the time, we cannot list everything you can expect from it. For this very reason, however, we have come up with several ways in which you can find out everything about the app.

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