We cooperate with the following partner companies, whose expertise in their respective fields allows us to make
MOOSLE Viniculture even more useful and efficient.

Weingut Bruno Römer

Not only do we maintain the oldest cooperation with the Römer winery, the basic idea for today's software was even born while working there.
This traditional family winery from the Moselle is also ideally suited as a small but complex test winery. It cultivates a large selection of grape varieties on slopes that range from flat to the steepest slopes of the region. The character of their vineyards is continued in a very modern cellar management.
Thus, the processes at the Römer winery provided the basis on which the program entered the market and has since been expanded to integrate numerous other approaches, as well.


We've already been in contact with Taxolution since the early stages of our development work.
In addition to participating in a general exchange of knowledge, this dynamic company also supports us with expert assessments of innovations in tax law relevant to viniculture.
The tax expertise that the company has been able to gather over the course of its stellar career is now serving our cooperation in the development of a tax advisor interface.
An important cornerstone so that the software not only supports you as a winemaker in the long term but also simplifies the communication with your own tax advisor.

Weingut Hahn

It is particularly important for us to be able to effortlessly help winemakers with the most diverse mindsets and habits.
The Hahn winery is a particularly valuable partner in this aspect, because three generations are currently working together in this family winery. The young winemaker in particular can regularly help us out with the expertise she gained at the progressive Neustadt wine campus.
In addition, the company has been awarded the FAIR'N GREEN seal for sustainability, an ideal prerequisite for never losing sight of sustainability in the development of our software.
With an inviting tavern, a vineyard directly on the beautiful banks of the Moselle, as well as guest rooms and holiday flats on the premises, the winery sells its wines with a close customer relationship. In addition to the requirements of classic e-commerce, this also gives us insights into customer wishes that arise during a stay with the producer.

Fränzi Luft Photography

Our motivation behind the cooperation with this young, accomplished photographer was to give our online presence the personal and uncomplicated character which our company stands for in offline relations.
She knows how to capture the breathtaking light shows of our home valley like hardly anyone else and thus enables us to do without impersonal stock photos in all of our channels.
With her valuable experience in photography in and around the winery, there are also optimal prerequisites for further cooperation in future program extensions that are still being developed.