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Below is a collection of the most frequently asked questions.
If you do not find what you are looking for here, you can of course contact us at any time via the contact form .

Does MOOSLE run on every device?

Since the requirements for devices between the vineyard and the office could not be more different, it was important for us to integrate all possible devices. Therefore one can basically say:
If you can surf the internet with your device, then you can also work with it on MOOSLE.

Is my business big enough for MOOSLE to be worth it?

Again, the answer is definitely!
Unless you are a part-time winemaker who only works in the vineyard as a hobby, you can use Moosle effectively. This is ensured by our transparent price-setting procedure, with which we make each winery a fair offer depending on its size.

Is my data safe with MOOSLE?

Yes, because in addition to extensive encryption, we use partners with excellent security technology.
And all this with servers located in Germany.
Paired with regular backups, your data is stored much more securely than it could ever be on your hard drive at home.

How does MOOSLE handle Privacy?

The topic of data protection has been a special focus for us from the very beginning.
Therefore, we have received extensive advice and support from a Munich-based specialist law firm that has previously worked with big names in the IT industry.
Thus, we provide you with GDPR-compliant software and act as your processor. This allows you to retain maximum legal control over the personal data entered into the program.

Do I have to adapt my existing Privacy Policy?

As is so often the case in the legal context, this question can only be answered with: "Depends".
Some privacy policies already cover the use of MOOSLE, others require an adjustment. It is best to talk to your data protection officer or lawyer about this.
As a free service we offer you the download of a sample data protection declaration in the program. Of course, this does not replace legal advice, but already covers the processes within the Moosle application.


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