Field Management

Our software's backbone

No wine without vineyards - that's why everything in the Moosle app revolves around your fields. In addition to basic data such as parcel information, a lot of individual information can also be stored. During your first season with Moosle, you will already notice how quickly your overview and your evaluation options for finished work, used quantities and analytical data increase with field-specific precision.


Complex work planning in next to no time

Since employees cause costs, well-thought-out task planning was particularly important to us. A task planned with Moosle not only simplifies the processes for the employees, it also offers you an uninterrupted overview, because progress can be tracked in real time.
But what if you spot a field that needs work and you don't have time to create a task? In that case, Moosle gives you an option to note those fields down very quickly and transform them into a proper task once you have more time.


Everything of importance at a glance

It often happens that recognized damage is forgotten or cannot be found again. For this reason, Moosle offers a well thought-out alert function. Even workers without local knowledge can quickly document damage (optionally with a photo), which you can then easily find again using the saved GPS position. The messages are also shown to everyone in real time, which is why they can also be used to warn employees who have already set off.

Work mode

Document your work smoothly on the side

The work mode is the innovative heart of the Moosle app. With countless technical tricks, it not only helps your employees to find the right parcel, it also enables their work to be documented with minimal input. In its GPS-supported version, it automatically records the time spent in the respective fields and books the work as soon as the user confirms it. You thus can have your hands free, especially during hectic work, and will still not lose any time later to the documentation.


Your company in numbers

Do you often ask yourself what cultivating your vineyards really costs? Using the Moosle app you can analyse times, costs, speeds and many other key figures down to the individual planted areas. You also have the option of evaluating individual employees, machines, tasks or days separately in order to compare them to your usual standards or targets.


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Efficient communication between all coworkers

Misunderstandings happen to all of us, but they are avoidable if caused by a language barrier. In order to prevent such mishaps and to make operations run more smoothly in general, Moosle is currently available in the following languages:

English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, Russian, Azerbaijani and Georgian - with more to follow.


Effortless inventory management of all auxiliary materials

A precise overview of auxiliary materials is not only useful, but essential in the case of fertilizers or pesticides. That is why we have integrated a complete inventory management system into the Moosle app, with which you can manage everything from a meter of tension wire to the number of available staples and even to a gram of biodynamic tea.


All machine information firmly under control

Our machine management is much more than just an occupancy planner. Manuals and spare-part-lists can be uploaded for each machine so that you can access them when you are on the move. For example, a spare part can be ordered from the field while working. If your machine is made by a cooperating manufacturer, these documents will already be available within the Moosle app.


Manage procedures in a structured manner

In order to better structurize processes or simply as a reminder, the Moosle app offers an unlimited number of freely configurable checklists. All checklists are also synchronized in real time. This means that checklists can also be worked through jointly by a team, as is often the case with packing lists, for example.


Communicative and open to progress

Moosle is technologically designed for you to rely on it in the long term. The full potential is unleashed when future machines can also exchange data with the platform. That is why we continuously keep our infrastructure up to date with the latest technology and are open to all cooperation requests with good intentions. So if you use an advanced machine where a connection would make sense, then it can be connected to Moosle, on the provisio that the manufacturer is cooperative and well-intended.

... and much more!

Because the Moosle app is being expanded to include new features all the time, we cannot list everything you can expect from it. For this very reason, however, we have come up with several ways in which you can find out everything about the app.

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